Engineering differently

Our systems approach to engineering gives us the innovative vision of a turnkey contractor. As an engineering company that designs to build, Cegelec CEM helps its customers overcome their technical challenges.

For more than 35 years, our engineering teams have been designing and building equipment, specific tools and facilities.

Because our customers’ projects are large, complex and extremely technical, involving high stakes and sometimes entirely new concepts, and because we put reliability and safety at the centre of our concerns, we have developed over the years another approach to engineering – one that is creative and agile.

Our upstream engineering is complemented downstream by our construction and integration engineering

It is this tactic that enables us to offer a different approach to engineering, a multifaceted style of engineering, providing a pragmatic and innovative vision guaranteeing success for our customers’ projects.

Thanks to our extensive experience, our expert team of more than 100 engineers and our internal resources, we can support our customers with all possible dimensions of a project:

  • Advice and efforts to find solutions and potential for technical and economic optimisation throughout the project life cycle
  • Upstream engineering: preliminary design, basic design, conceptual design studies, calculations, 3D modelling
  • Engineering for the design and construction of complex systems
  • Engineering as part of Cegelec CEM’s turnkey offer
  • Engineering as an equipment integrator
  • Systems engineering, integrated into our processes, with the management of requirements and interfaces
  • Project management engineering: safety integrated from design, nuclear codes and regulations, traceability using our PLM system and operating experience feedback
  • Digital engineering, providing a virtual view to understand a real-life project, the interfaces at a facility or how equipment works

Our extensive range of skills

Cegelec CEM’s engineering skills cover the nuclear and energy sectors:

  • Mechanics and electromechanics
  • Specialised machines, tools and remote-controlled operations
  • Electrical, instrumentation and control systems
  • Nuclear engineering and calculations
  • Safety
  • General facilities and processes
  • Industrial and nuclear pipework
  • Boilermaking
  • Metal structures and reactor pool liners
  • High-integrity handling systems