General facilities and processes

Cegelec CEM designs, builds and commissions facilities and processes at its customers’ sites, incorporating regulatory requirements and post-Fukushima operating experience feedback.

Cegelec CEM develops technical solutions suited to the safety requirements regarding ventilation, electromagnetic compatibility, corrosion, flooding and lightning, as well as upgrades to ensure regulatory compliance or the incorporation of post-Fukushima operating experience feedback.

Our skills in mechanics and instrumentation and control systems regularly lead us to work on specific or sensitive test facilities, where we effectively take into account safety, quality and environmental constraints, risk management considerations and seismic resistance analyses.

For projects of this type, Cegelec CEM relies on its integrated engineering  skills:

  • General facilities and processes
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical, instrumentation and control engineering
  • Nuclear engineering, calculations and safety
  • Equipment for research and scientific projects
  • Advisors and experts

Our major projects

EDF – Turnkey project to ensure compliance of boric acid preparation stations

EDF – Renovation of fire detection system at 32 units

EDF – Mobile cooling modules for spent fuel pools (PTR Bis)