Our purpose

Cegelec CEM, the recognised nuclear specialist, works throughout the nuclear cycle:

As part of the VINCI Energies Nuclear Division (1900 people), Cegelec CEM is an engineering  contractor, design-builder and equipment integrator working in nuclear environments.

Cegelec CEM works on turnkey design and construction projects: new builds, renovation, facilities/equipment for dismantling, and projects with high added value in technical, regulatory and organisational terms.

For 35 years, the Cegelec CEM teams have been inventing, designing, assembling, installing and operating across the whole nuclear cycle:

  • Power reactors
  • Experimental reactors
  • Reprocessing and intermediate storage
  • Research and expertise
  • Dismantling of nuclear facilities
  • Final disposal

This experience has enabled us to become a recognised specialist in all these fields.

The maintenance of nuclear power plants (EDF NPPs) requires tools capable of replacing human intervention where this is not possible. For example, Cegelec CEM has produced equipment to repair steam generator internals and primary-side nozzles.

High-integrity handling systems and kinematics for the transfer of sensitive objects (waste containers, shielded casks, fuel elements, and more), as well as shielded structures such as hot cells, doors and special containers, are our speciality. Indeed, Cegelec CEM has designed cells, kinematic chains and full sets of equipment for the CEA and EDF.

This know-how is harnessed for the fields of nuclear dismantling and waste management, which require this type of equipment. Cegelec CEM is involved in designing the dismantling scenarios, contributing its expertise and responsibility as an equipment manufacturer and integrator.

Our values

In response to the strategic, economic and environmental challenges faced by our customers, the Cegelec CEM teams provide maximum added value to guarantee the highest levels of performance and safety at their facilities.

Cegelec CEM is proud to be one of the 2600 companies working in the nuclear sector, which is the third-largest industrial sector in France, with 220 000 qualified employees.
Nuclear energy should have its rightful place in the energy mix. It is the only low-cost, low-carbon energy able to respond to growing energy needs while contributing to the reduction of global warming.
Nuclear power is a safe, sustainable source of energy that benefits from France’s experience in the construction and operation of nuclear facilities, which stretches back more than 50 years.

Cegelec CEM is also pleased to be participating in the ITER fusion project. The only project of its kind in the world, ITER – which is based at Cadarache – is the experimental thermonuclear reactor that represents the future of global energy.