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The ambition of VINCI Energies is to create an environment where everyone can realise the full potential of their talents. Our policy is intended to develop and make the most of your skills and your career, and promote your professional growth within the Group.

In the spirit of our Group values, Cegelec CEM is on the lookout for talent to strengthen its teams and boost its activities, which are driven by the numerous projects it is involved in. Because these projects are multi-discipline, complex and highly technical, because they are on a large scale and experimental or even completely unprecedented, because they call for innovative solutions in a demanding nuclear safety environment, we need your talent, your creativity and your dedication.


In its recruitment policy, Cegelec CEM places particular emphasis on:

Recruiting recent graduates

Because you are the talent of tomorrow and because our activities are highly diverse, Cegelec CEM recruits through “incubator” immersion programmes, post-study internships, work-study programmes and the partnerships that it has built up with engineering schools, such as ENSE3 (INPG), for example.

Welcoming and supporting new hires

With a 6-month induction and mentoring programme for employees, an introduction to the company (covering its various business lines as well as job-specific details) and an annual meeting for new hires in the VINCI Energies Nuclear Division, Cegelec CEM makes it a point of honour to promote integration and loyalty among its teams.
Well-being at work and a friendly atmosphere also form part of our company culture. The dynamism of the teams combined with a balanced age pyramid means you will enjoy

Professional training

Maintaining and broadening your knowledge, boosting your skills and helping you acquire new know-how is all part of our efforts.
Cegelec CEM also benefits from the VINCI Energies Academy, which delivers 700 training sessions each year.

You will enjoy working with us!

At VINCI, you’ll have many chances to express your creativity, your curiosity, your boldness, your ambition and your commitment.

Since 2017, VINCI Energies has supported children’s heart surgery charity Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque through a partnership with the Initiatives-Coeur sailboat, skippered by Sam Davies.


The spirit in which we choose to work together, trust is something that is given, earned and rewarded.


Recognising the ability of each individual to take initiatives, evaluate risks, envision success and attain it.


More than just a principle, solidarity is a reality expressed by the network: this “in-house” practice supports and encourages the sharing of resources, knowledge and activities.


Space and the freedom to take the initiative, enabling all employees to express their talents.


The success of VINCI Energies and Cegelec CEM depends on the capacity of each individual to recognise, take on and make the most of their responsibilities.


Cegelec CEM aims to promote gender equality in the workplace. With this in mind, it signed a gender equality agreement in 2019.
Keen to increase the number of women in a highly technical environment, we take care to promote greater diversity and a good work-life balance, thereby encouraging the professional growth of both women and men.