CEA Cadarache: JHR experimental devices

JHR: ADELINE experimental device for irradiation of a PWR fuel sample to test its limits (cladding failure)

The ADELINE loop is a highly complex experimental device that allows the irradiation of fuel elements via an “in-pile” part, which contains the fuel element being tested in a heavily instrumented structure, and a connected “grounded” part, which holds the cooling, control and instrumentation systems.

The ADELINE water loop comprises:

  • A bunker containing a loop with the components and instrumentation
  • An underwater transfer station for reloading
  • A JHR core reflector device exposed to neutron flux, tested at high power and a high ramp rate

Cegelec CEM’s services include:

  • ADELINE loop studies:
    • In-pile part (rod, transfer station, underwater connections)
    • Grounded part (bunker and loop fluid system)
    • Instrumentation and control systems, including safety functions
    • N2 ESPN pressure equipment under the RCC-MRX code
  • Manufacture and assembly:
    • Procurement (Zircaloy-4 tubes, 316L stainless steel)
    • High-precision assembly of the device (electron-beam welding) and a heavily instrumented pressure tube
    • Qualification of safety instrumentation and control systems
  • Factory and on-site testing:
    • System tests (including regulatory ESPN pressure tests) in factory and on site
    • Individual ESPN pressure equipment tests