EDF: Renovation of Bugey 1 nave and pool cranes

Equipment renovation: lifting trolleys, electrical cabinets, control stations and tracks

As the handling cranes at the Bugey 1 GCR reactor dated back to the construction of the unit, renovation of this equipment was required with a view to its forthcoming dismantling.

Cegelec CEM was responsible for designing, manufacturing, installing and adjusting the renovated equipment:

  • Reliability enhancement of 100-tonne nave crane:
    • Overhaul of instrumentation and control systems, electrical cabinets and associated wiring
    • Full replacement of lifting trolley in compliance with safety (load drop reliability of 10 E-8/h) and seismic resistance (2G vertical acceleration) requirements, with closed kinematic chain
    • Handling of nave crane trolley via strand jack, lifting height 78 metres, weight 40 tonnes
    • Block with spring system for earthquakes
    • Qualification of renovated equipment
  • Reliability enhancement of 65-tonne pool crane:
    • Overhaul of instrumentation and control systems
    • Replacement of obsolete elements in kinematic chain in compliance with safety requirements (10 E-6/h)
    • Qualification of renovated equipment

For this service, Cegelec CEM planned the sequencing of operations by taking into account the safety issues, and informed its teams by checking the conditions of work at height through virtual reality training.