Orano La Hague: Recovery and conditioning of Silo 130 waste

Design and construction of transfer equipment and drum filling cells

At the Orano La Hague site, Silo 130 was built in accordance with the safety requirements in force during the 1960s, which have since been changed. The project involved recovering, from an existing hop, the magnesium waste stored in Silo 130 and placing the waste in drums while checking the magnesium concentration to limit fire risks.

Cegelec CEM was in charge of the drum transfer line, from the conditioning cell to drum removal:

  • Detailed design studies 
  • Implementation studies
  • Procurement and manufacture
  • Assembly and testing in factory, then on site

Thanks to its innovative solutions, Cegelec CEM was able to make suggestions to improve the productivity and maintainability of the facility, as early as the bidding phase.