Equipment integrator

Cegelec CEM provides integration of sensitive equipment qualified for use in new or existing nuclear facilities.

From engineering to commissioning on site, Cegelec CEM provides integration of sensitive equipment that contributes, through its qualification, to essential safety and radiological protection functions.

With operators qualified in mechanics, pipework and boilermaking, electrical installation and automatic control systems, we can perform all equipment integration operations on site.

Cegelec CEM maintains the current nuclear fleet

As part of its maintenance activities on EDF’s fleet in operation, Cegelec CEM offers a range of services in response to customer needs:

  • Safety reviews
  • Ongoing equipment qualification
  • Work to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Incorporation of post-Fukushima operating experience feedback
  • Management of equipment obsolescence and reliability enhancement

In particular, Cegelec CEM carries out:

  • Renovation of fire protection and detection systems
  • Renovation and modernisation of nuclear measurement systems