EDF: Renovation of fire detection system

Replacement with more reliable equipment

Fire risk control: replacement of existing equipment with more reliable equipment, while maintaining guaranteed fire detection within 2 minutes 30 seconds maximum, with standardisation of the project across the whole nuclear fleet.

Cegelec CEM’s services cover:

  • General design
  • Calculations required to install the equipment and size the supports and fastenings, taking into account the seismic risks at each site
  • Studies and installation on site, ensuring compliance with the rules specific to each nuclear power plant, especially in controlled areas, while managing a work schedule compatible with “standard” unit outage periods
  • Project management:
    • Procurement of cables, smooth rigid insulated conduit, sub-distribution cabinets, etc.
    • Installation work for the sites studied
    • Participation in functional and performance testing
    • Removal of old fire detection equipment (height less than 3 metres – without scaffolding)
    • Painting of areas affected by removal

Beyond the technical constraints of the operation, this project showcases our capacity to manage and coordinate a large project involving:

  • Up to 15 units in parallel
  • 10 partner and subcontractor companies
  • More than 250 operators
  • 400,000 hours of studies
  • 1,200,000 hours of operation


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