EDF: Renovation of KRT channels

Managing obsolescence and improving reliability across the fleet

Managing obsolescence and improving reliability of the KRT channels across the EDF fleet

As part of the extension of the service life of EDF nuclear power plants, Cegelec CEM is working in a consortium with MIRION Technologies to manage obsolescence and improve the reliability of the KRT channels across the whole fleet. 

The KRT programme involves managing the obsolescence of radioactivity measurement channels. The basic KRT system of a nuclear power plant is used to perform fixed radiological protection measurements and check that the design provisions of the facilities, as well as the operating instructions associated with the radiological protection of individuals, are being respected at all times.

The KRT programme covers more than 1000 channels requiring renovation and groups together several projects, including:

  • Short-term KRT – obsolescence of 285 channels on the 900 MW series and reliability enhancement of 198 VVP/N16 KRT measurement channels on all series
  • Volume A KRT – obsolescence of 98 KRT channels on the P4 and P’4 series
  • Medium-term KRT – obsolescence of 471 KRT channels on all series
  • Control room air KRT – obsolescence of 28 KRT channels on the CPY series

Cegelec CEM’s integration services cover:

  • Site expert assessment
  • Design studies for equipment important to safety
  • Seismic design
  • Thermal management devices for VVP/N16 channels to make operation of measurement electronics more reliable in extreme hot or cold conditions
  • Supports for KRT channels – Seismic design
  • Layout studies
  • Testing and qualification of the thermal management devices
  • Installation and commissioning of all the channels
  • Management of the project and consortium

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